May 2022 Meeting Minutes

#487  K & O Steam and Gas Engine Association Meeting

May 9, 2022

The 487th K  & O Steam and Gas Engine Association meeting was called to order by President, Curtis Rink with 29 in attendance. The Pledge of Allegiance was cited by all present.

The minutes from April 4, 2022 meeting were read by Secretary, Connie Curran. A motion to accept the report as read was made by Justin Johnson, seconded by Dennis Metz, passed.

The Treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer, Irvin Parsons. A motion to accept the report as read was made by Loma Berndsen, seconded by Justin Johnson, passed.

Apologies were made by President, Curtis Rink, if we didn’t get everyone notified of change in meeting night due to potential storms.

Krystal Kelly has the programs ready. She didn’t get them printed. She should have them at the June meeting.

Discussion was held on maybe holding the spark show on Friday night rather than Saturday night. 

We are in need of someone to take over the tractor rodeo.

We will discuss wheat binding at the June meeting.

We need to figure out something on mowing the club grounds yard.

The Metz family will bring a New Holland baler to the show to run the baler.  They will run the baler at their pasture to make sure it is runnable.

Justin Johnson took the Oliver pedal tractor to the Pawnee, Oklahoma show. He sold $130 worth of raffle tickets.

The Caney, KS show will be held June 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2022.

The Republic, MO show will be held in September.

Dick Long and Justin Johnson worked on the Prony Brake during the steam school. Scott Hall told Justin & Dick “there’s the metal shop, get to work!” 

Scott Hall is building a new coal bunker for the Steam Engine for letting them use the Steam Engine and Prony Brake for steam school.

Irvin Parsons and Justin Johnson took a handful of 2022 show flyers to Pawnee, OK show. They handed out about 20-30 of them

Loma Berndsen thanked everyone that took equipment to the Winfield Museum for the kid’s day that the Cowley County Historical Society put on. Mildred Snyder demonstrated aprons, Loma Berndsen demonstrated buttons, Glenda Schmidt demonstrated he rug making, Ron Hainsworth brought a tractor.

It was announced that local schools will be in session by the time of our show in August.

Discussion was held on signs for workers, vendors, camping, etc. We to make changes to the previous signs so that MIY can get them printed. We will need 3 different colors and 100 in each color.

Discussion was held on whether or not to have the little metal plaques.

Irvin Parsons will get with Jerry Wilson about getting the mailing list for Donna Underwood so she can mail out this year’s show flyer.

Dennis Metz announced that Jim McClung has a red river threshing machine that he wants to know if the club would be interesting in having it. A motion to accept the Red River Special Threshing machine from Jim McClung was made by Dennis Metz seconded by Irvin Parsons, motion failed.

Justin Johnson announced that the 4 softball teams will be running the gates this year. 1.) They have pulled more of their girls together to work. A suggestion was made to open the south gate to help with traffic flow since we will have more workers this year.  2.) Fence building would be less this year those previous years. 3.) Where are we going to designate parking for exhibitors & vendors? Vendor parking could be around the track where the Cherokee Strippers used to park. 4.) Is there a need to keep “Linda’s closet” locked? Answer- we used to keep it locked because we kept inventory in there. A motion was made to leave “Linda’s closet” unlocked, seconded by John Berndsen, passed.

Loma Berndsen made a motion to give 5 free passes to the Gilliland family as a thank you for the donations they made in supplies for the bean supper at the show, seconded by Dorothy Wolfe, passed.

The city of Winfield contacted Curtis Rink to let him know that they haven’t forgot us for the sign they are going to put at the entrance of the fairgrounds.

On July 9th, 2022, Wellington will hold their annual Wheat Festival.  K&O has been invited to go and take tractors for display, threshing, tractor pull. Threshing will be held at 9am, 12pm and 2pm. Car show will be from 8-2, parade. We can have sales for the pedal tractor raffle, banners, show flyers, tractors. We can have anything to help advertise our show. Jay Metz stated: “the more the merrier”.

There will be a tractor pull at Curtis Rink land. This will be held on May 21st and June 18th. 15501 W. Highview Dr, Goddard, KS.

The little thresher needs a longer belt.  Roger Schmidt has a flat belt that he will donate to the club.

There is an Antique Caterpillar Club forming. Loma Berndsen asked if they could use the meeting room to hold their meetings.  A motion to allow ACMOC to be allowed to use our meeting room for their meetings, seconded by Dick Long, passed.

50/50 drawing was won by Carrol Underwood in the amount of $36.

Dick Long made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Justin Johnson, passed.

Minutes by Secretary, Connie Curran.


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