March 2022Meeting Minutes


#485  K & O Steam and Gas Engine Association Meeting Minutes 

March 7, 2022

            The 485th K & O Steam and Gas Engine Association meeting was called to order by President, Curtis Rink with 27 in attendance.  The Pledge of Allegiance was cited by all present.

            The minutes of February 7, 2022 meeting were read by Secretary, Connie Curran.  A motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Justin Johnson, seconded by Floyd Moore, passed.

            The Treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer, Irvin Parsons. A motion to accept the report as read was made by Loma Berndsen, seconded by Justin Johnson, passed.

            Tony Kelly announced that he still needs pictures for the flyers.

Dennis Metz announced that Neal Terry is willing to help with the sound system again this year for $100. Also, he would get another speaker to have at the show. Dennis Metz made a motion to get Neal Terry to help with the sound at the cost of $100, seconded by Krystal Kelly, passed.

            Justin Johnson announced that there is an auction coming up that will have another sound system. Justin is going to bid on it.

            Donna Underwood volunteered to take over the registration booth during the show.

            We are in need of new parade numbers.  The ones we have are becoming brittle and are breaking; we are also missing some of the numbers.  Tony and Krystal Kelly will make a new set of parade numbers 1-99. A motion was made to have Tony and Krystal make new numbers for the club by Marion Futhey, seconded by Dennis Metz, passed.

            Tony Kelly announced that the show flyers should be ready by the April meeting.

            Curtis Rink displayed a map of the fairgrounds and showed where the different displays should be located, where camping is allowed.

            We need to enforce the parking rule. Vendor parking will be in day parking.  Vehicles that will be allowed past the entrance gate will be the ones that have paid for camping. No others.  Must have a valid camping sign in the window of the vehicle.

            The shade canopy needs to be repaired or replaced due to being torn up by the wind. Ron Hainsworth mentioned that he and Maurice Roberts purchased a new canopy through Amazon.

            Krystal Kelly suggested putting an exhibit map on the program.  Krystal said that she would have a sample of a program at the April meeting.

            The subject of new banners was brought up.  We are in need of some 4’ x 8’ signs.  What would it cost to have 2 of these made?  Would like for them to be yellow with brown letters.  We could always add more signs as we need them. Tony is going to try to have one by April meeting.  A motion to have Tony & Krystal Kelly make a 4’ x8’ vinyl sign with the K & O info on it by John Berndsen, seconded by Justin Johnson, passed.

            Dennis Metz stated that he checked with the city of Winfield about the permanent sign at the gate. The city hasn’t decided what to do yet.

            The contract with the city has been turned into the City of Winfield for the lease on the fairgrounds for the show.  We need to go to the city to get a copy for our records.

            We will plan a work day for one day in April. This will be decided on at the April meeting.

            Justin Johnson is going to check with Scott Hall about a set of scales.

            Irvin Parsons showed the farm collector ad.  Shows are listed for all over the United States.

            Jason Metz stated that the Sumner County Farm Bureau is asking for the little threshing machine for display at the Wheat Festival in Wellington in 2022 with 12-14 bundles. They would like for our club to do a demonstration. The Wheat festival is July 5-9th, 2022. Would need to choose 1 day. Jason is volunteering to head this demonstration. (Jason is going to try for Saturday close to where the tractor pull will be held at the Wheat Festival.

            KAESSA meeting will be held in Albany, KS on Friday, March 11, 2022.

150 year celebration will be held for 3 days in 2023. The displays will be demonstrated at island Park. There will be another Chamber of Commerce meeting in April on this event.

             President of the Winfield Museum, Cindy Geortz told Loma that the museum will be holding a kids day at the museum.  She would like for K & O club go and do some demonstrations like butter making, hand threshing.  The ages of the group is focused on 3rd grade students. This will be brought up again at the April meeting.

            Connie Curran announced that Kellie & Cheri Johnson would like to put the bean feedback on the schedule for the show. K & O club would furnish the beans, ham and cornbread mixes. They would like to put it together. Dennis Metz made a motion to allow Cheri and Kellie Johnson to move forward with Bean Feed and K & O would furnish what they need, seconded by Milton Futhey, and passed.  Camden Gilliland will speak with his parents about donating some or all of the supplies for the bean feed. Dennis Metz stated that Camden’s mom might help with the making and baking of the cornbread.

Glenda Schmidt and Roger Schmidt are willing to furnish water and air conditioning for people who are over heated during the show.

            Make sure to pay your dues. Dues are due to EDGE-TA by April 15.

A motion to adjourn was made by Rex Futhey, seconded by Floyd Moore, passed.

Minutes by Secretary, Connie Curran.




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