April 2022 Meeting Minutes

#486 K & O Steam and Gas Engine Association Meeting Minutes

   April 4, 2022


The 486th K & O Steam and Gas Engine Association meeting was called to order by President, Curtis Rink with 30 in attendance. The Pledge of Allegiance was cited by all present.

The minutes of the March 7, 2022 meeting were read by Secretary, Connie Curran.  A motion to accept the minutes as read was made with corrections by Loma Berndsen, seconded by Justin Johnson, passed.

The treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer, Irvin Parsons.  A motion to accept the report as read was made by Justin Johnson, seconded by Jim McDowell, passed.

It was stated that we should have a workday at the club grounds.  It was announced that the bathrooms are in working order. The outside bathrooms were winterized 1 of the doors needs attention. 

Some of the trailers that belong to the club are no longer in working order. There is some wheat on one of the trailers. This is wheat left over from the 2021 show.  Something needs to be done with the old wheat.

The portable flag pole is out and ready to use.

The Threshing machine needs some attention.  Curtis Rink has been working on it.  Elmer Wolfe stated that he has some parts at his house that he will bring over from his house.

The Steam Engine needs some attention on the platform.

Justin Johnson went to the KAESSA meeting.  There is an issue with non-certified boilers. Kansas is looking at the plea of allowing them to run. It may happen with them coming to our show.

We need to make final decisions on the map of the fairgrounds as to where the different exhibits will be. This needs to be completed so the map can go on the show programs. Les Yung made a motion to accept the map layout for the show, seconded by Krystal Kelly, passed.

Loma Berndsen has spoken with Cindy Geortz at the Cowley County Historical Association about doing demonstrations at the Winfield Museum. The demonstrations would be in 1 ½ hour increments. One in the morning, one in the afternoon.  Demonstration with explanations will be held April 25-29, and May 2-6, 2022 at the Winfield Museum.

Justin Johnson did NOT purchase the sound system at an auction.  Walt Crane purchased it. Walt has offered to let us use it during the show as long as we would advertise his business.

Scott Hall would like to use our Steam Engine and the Prony Brake during the steam school. Would the club be willing to let him use it? It was stated that if the steam engine went to Scott Hall’s facility, it would be inspected while it is there. Justin Johnson wants to talk to Scott about doing some repairs while it is at his facility as well. A motion to allow Scott Hall and the Steam School to use the Steam Engine and Prony Brake and to make repairs while at Scott’s facility was made by Carrol Underwood, seconded by Krystal Kelly, passed.  Scott Hall would like to pick up the Steam Engine and Prony Brake this next weekend.  They will check into the scale and see what is going on with it.



April 16, 2022 = Spring Crank Up at Alta Vista, KS

First weekend of May= Pawnee, OK show

July 9, 2022= Wellington Wheat Festival

Discussion was held on the new banners that Tony & Krystal Kelly made and brought.  Discussion was held to order more.  A motion to make 3 more of the banners were made by John Berndsen, second by Marion Futhey, passed.

Door Prize Winners:

Ham= Ron Hainsworth

Chocolate Bunny= Roger Schmidt then he gave it to Angel Voightlander

Justin Johnson announced that we have a new member, Zayden Johnson. Zayden is the youngest member.

Les Yung made a motion to adjourn, Loma Berndsen seconded, passed.

Minutes by Secretary, Connie Curran


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